The Catorcio Phono Stage

What more can I add? I had a free evening and put this thing up. Very few parts, popular transistors (you can substitute them with anything low noise, provided you adjust a bit the emitter resistors – BC549C, BC109C, MPSA18, 2SC1815…), single voltage power supply (I suggest using a regulator, maybe a LM317), standard value components.

Everyone with little electronic experience can tweak the circuit to suit their needs or just adapt it to different transistors.
A note: this circuit is the MKII version, the original one suffered from low impedance input that didn’t match well with some cartridges. This one has a good input impedance, ranging from 45k to 60k depending on the actual transistors used.
Obviously the RIAA is perfect ±0.5dB from 20Hz to 20kHz with standard components. And yes, there is also the fourth time constant!

Minimalism? Not for me, but it’s fun ;-)))